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Chapter 3. Before Installing Ubuntu

Table of Contents

3.1. Overview of the Installation Process
3.2. Back Up Your Existing Data!
3.3. Information You Will Need
3.3.1. Documentation
3.3.2. Finding Sources of Hardware Information
3.3.3. Hardware Compatibility
3.3.4. Network Settings
3.4. Meeting Minimum Hardware Requirements
3.5. Pre-Partitioning for Multi-Boot Systems
3.5.1. MacOS/OSX Partitioning
3.6. Pre-Installation Hardware and Operating System Setup
3.6.1. Invoking OpenFirmware
3.6.2. Hardware Issues to Watch Out For

This chapter deals with the preparation for installing Ubuntu before you even boot the installer. This includes backing up your data, gathering information about your hardware, and locating any necessary information.